What our clients are saying about us

We learnt so much with Edna and Tails Up. Her knowledge is exceptional and she is fantastic with both the owners and the dogs. We totally recommend the program to all dog owners. Edna’s great sense of humour really makes the classes good fun.

Denise & John Wright

Kangaroo Valley 2024
Tails Up provided quality training services with tailor made solutions for our Maremma. They provided home visits, video and excellent assessment criteria to help train. In just 9 weeks our dog is responding well and enjoying interactions and mental stimulation.

Tamara Fenelon

Bundanoon, 2024
Invaluable resource. Edna is such a kind and caring person. Chloe loves coming to class. Edna always followed up with any extra issues we faced. My new knowledge makes me a much better trainer. We will miss seeing Edna and all the other fur babies we have met.

Jiselle Mortensen

Colo Vale, 2024
Even though my family has had experience raising and even breeding dogs, this is my first personal dog and through this course have learnt many more things and corrected things I thought were fine but found my new knowledge helped me correct them. Even my 8-year-old poodle has picked up so much by observing/being trained at home alongside his brother.

Elenor Parry

Hillside 2024
This training was a rewarding experience. We learnt the behaviours of our puppy and how to handle them and, also learnt about ourselves, as trainers. Highly recommend Tails Up and we already have.

Leah and John

Bowral, 2024
We participated in both puppy socialisation and obedience classes. We found both to be enjoyable, informative and helpful. We highly recommend Tails Up for dog training and couldn’t be happier.

Virginia and Alan Jeffery

Moss Vale, 2024
Edna and Margaret, the Tails Up team, have a wealth of knowledge. The course and training were incredibly helpful. Thank you kindly.

Jennifer Robinson

Robertson, 2023
I found the trainers and team very friendly. They showed great insight into my dog’s specific training needs. Tails Up provided excellent resources that I can continue to refer to for my dog’s future training.

Karen and Dean Dalpra

Braemar, 2023
Edna was an excellent teacher giving clear instructions tailored to each dog’s individual needs and behaviours. Group classes were fun and progressed at a good pace. Edna obviously loves dogs.

Jacky Siren

Bundanoon, 2023
Tails Up has been a godsend! Daisy is a very active Cavoodle and my husband and I thought we would never be able to train her. Edna has been so patient with ‘Crazy Daisy’. The skills are achievable and with practice Daisy is becoming a social, well behaved puppy. Edna has also patiently trained me to a much better puppy owner.

Margaret Burton

Bowral, 2023
The course was excellent.Both my dog and i have learnt so much and intend to keep working on everything that we have learnt from Tails Up.

Anni Bailleau & Dotti

Bundanoon, 2023
Clear and effective training. Extremely satisfied with the Tails Up team and their expertise. We will recommend to family and friends. Thank you Margaret and Edna

Aly Franklin

Bowral, 2023
We learnt everything relevant to having a social dog with lifelong skills (for both of us). Our family can take care Rosie out knowing she will be well behaved and what to do if things go awry..


Moss Vale 2023
Highly recommended! Edna and Margaret are excellent at training us and our dog with simple techniques. Our puppy went from puppy classes to Obedience with Tails Up and they were so helpful and took care to ensure we understood each stage. The training has set us up well to ensure we have a happy well behaved dog.

Robin Smith

Bowral 2023
Archie is a rescue dog who had no training at all. He is much calmer now and responds to quite a few commands. He is still a bit ‘crazy’ as he is only a one year old kelpie cross but we are getting there.

Karen T

Penrose, 2023
Tails Up is a fantastic program which has helped educate me and my dog on what is right and wrong when training. I would recommend this program and it has improved my own dog knowledge.

Kaitlyn Cameron

Colo Vale 2023
Although progress was slow our rescue dog had we not gone to tails up Cody would not have settled so well. The little achievements were so rewarding and valuable. The trainer’s patience and understanding helped us as pet owners. The little tips and personal service was worth the effort. I would recommend Tails Up to everyone.

Debra Lincoln

Bundanoon, 2023
Calm and consistent instruction. We have really valued the approach with clear commands for training.

Tania and Bruce Passingham

Bowral 2023
Poppy improved greatly over our time with Tails Up. Two years of poor behaviour had to be addressed and now taking her on walks is so much better.

Nicole Harris

Moss Vale 2023
The skills learnt in the course were very valuable. Cosmo was always too excited around dogs yet at home quiet. He has improved incredibly over the course. Skills like leave it, stay touch and focus have been invaluable.

Nicky & Steve Robertson

Colo Vale, 2023
We has a great experience and fun time with Edna during obedience classes. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow and implement with great success.

Alecia Shaw

Moss Vale, 2023
Edna and Margaret, the Tails Up team, have a wealth of knowledge. The course and training were incredibly helpful. Thankyou kindly. Jennifer and Daniel.

Daniel R

Robertson, 2023
Tails Up were our saving grace when it came to training our puppy Scout, a miniature (not so miniature it turns out…) Labradoodle. She would constantly jump up and want to bite anything and everythinggggg, and despite what we were told we were adamant we didn’t need a crate. OH, HOW WRONG WE WERE! Edna and Margaret came to the house and helped train Scout (and us!) how to manage her behaviour with the use of the crate. It has honestly changed how Scout now behaves with us and when we have people round. We’re no longer frightened of her jumping up at guests. We had nicknamed her “the terrorist” but she is now back to our big cuddly teddy bear. There is still work to be done as with any puppy but we could not have got to this point without the help and persistence of M and E. Thank you!!! Milly, Bowral

Millie Stud

Bowral, 2017
I enrolled my 8 week Golden Retriever, Molly into puppy school and subsequently into the Level One training and was extremely impressed with the extent of the program protocols right from day one. Margaret started by coming to our home, spoke to us one on one and got to know our home environment and our wonderful, loved pets. My older dog I got prior to her turning 2yrs, she had just weaned pups and had been badly treated by previous owners. I had taken her to training previously, however after such enjoyable and successful sessions with my puppy, Molly I am now seeking ongoing help from Margaret with my older dog, which is proving to be a great success. Margaret & Edna focus on reward-based training and are extremely inspiring by the outcomes they have helped us achieve in a positive, nurturing workshop environment for both the dogs and owners. Through continually ensuring we practiced each skill in different situations and that training is ongoing once we had gained the skills during the sessions. My dogs and I look forward to the training sessions because they are good fun and reward focused for everyone. We all have a few laughs and anyone wanting to participate will really enjoy and benefit from the sessions.

Margo Menzies

Bundanoon, 2016
We put both of our Pug x Jack Russel puppies (born 8 months apart) through the Tails Up Puppy Pre-School & Puppy Training classes. The pre-school socialisation classes were tremendous fun for puppies & owners alike. These sessions were invaluable in getting our pups used to interacting with other dogs in a playful way & learning how to get along with other dogs. The result is that we have two dogs that have no problems when they meet other dogs on walks or at the dog park. The more formal Puppy Training Classes enabled us to teach our puppies the basic commands and behaviours that make them a joy to own. Our puppies are now very happy, confident & secure. They love people & other dogs & we can rely on them to behave the way we want them to, both at home & when we take them out. We would highly recommend Tails Up to anyone with a new puppy.

Stephen Lowe & Ron

Moss Vale, 2018
Edna genuinely cares for the wellbing of Bentley, giving me specific instructions over and above class work when she could see we needed it. Lessons were comprehensive, writen information was plentiful and helpful. Highly recommend.

Kate Manka

Fitzroy Falls, 2024
Instructions and explanations were detailed and very good. The more committed you are with your trainibg the better results you get.

Michael Pang

Yerrinbool, 2024
Edna explained and showed exercises clearly and gove plenty of time to practise. She cared about all the dogs and the owners and shoed a lot of experience in her training techniques.

Zac Bollinger

Welby, 2024
Our dog was a rescue with lots of behaviours that had to change. Tails Up helped us hugely with all of this.

Terry & Julieann McMullen

Mandemar, 2024
A comprehensive and cooperatiove method of training – owners and dogs. They have a great understanding of dog behaviour. We are so excited that, for the first time, we’ve been able to walk properly, mostly on loose lead, around Lake Alexandra. Past people, little kids on scooters, other dogs. 🐕. She was Tails Up all the way. Didn’t react to anything inappropriately. It means we can wear her out on stimulating walks so that when we get home she sleeps instead of up to mischief. Thanks to you (Edna) and Margaret and Maureen for helping us get to this point. Rosie now has a secure place with us and we adore her. Also, this success comes after we realised that we were giving her treats to coax her forward every time she stopped. Worked out we were inadvertently rewarding stopping . Now, no treats were necessary, just praise and the fun of walking. I also think we were getting more anxious we had a dog who didn’t want to go out on walks and she sensed this. Jen and Dave.

Jen and David Hall

Mittagong, 2024

Margaret: 0447 665 200

Edna: 0411 162 242