Margaret and Edna are wonderful teachers and helped my partner and I train our cavoodle puppy Wally. I am a first dog owner and the assistance that Tails Up Dog Training provided really helped with settling Wally into our home. The ambassador puppy program was a fantastic course to participate in and gave us the skills to be responsible pet owners. I would highly recommend any program offered.

Laura Hill, Moss Vale, March 2017

Margaret and Edna are knowledgeable, resourceful, caring trainers of people as well as animals! They have made a great difference to our George and Charlotte in the puppy program and we are looking forward to continued training with them.

Faye Horn, Alpine, March 2017

Our Groodle pups, Ginger and Hazel, completed the PDA Level 1 course in November 2016, ably assisted by Margaret and Edna. They are the most patient trainers with a wealth of doggy knowledge and there's no way our dogs would have come this far without their expert help. We'll certainly be continuing Ginger's and Hazel's training with Tails Up early in 2017. Thanks Margaret and Edna!

Leslie Jolley, Bowral, 2016

Chester, my cocker spaniel, an I enjoyed our courses with Margaret and Edna of Tails Up, because they explained the WHY and that made the HOW possible. They do not train your dog for you, but really do give you the skills to communicate with your dog, and remind you that training should be fun for both you and your dog, and that dogs just want to be dogs sometimes.  Hopefully we can complete the full Pet Dog Ambassador courses, and be good ambassadors for dogs in public places.

Sally Gardner, Moss Vale, November 2016

Bella, my 12-month old German Shepherd, and I, have just completed a training course with Margaret and Edna.  I really enjoyed the classes and the teaching methods.  It was wonderful how Margaret mixed small classes with home visits.  Bella’s behaviour has improved and now we can street walk without any pulling, which is a great relief for me.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tails up Dog Training.

Sandy Mackenzie, Bundanoon

Margaret and Edna are so knowledgeable about dogs. They regularly attend international training conferences, to ensure that they are always using the most up to date and well researched training methods Their love of dogs is evident in their classes and they seem to have infinite patience and humour, which can be greatly appreciated when your dog is having a ' bad fur ' day! Tails Up Dog Training provides a really beneficial series of lessons, which are fun and achievable.

Sue Macdonald, Bowral

Mollie & I have completed level 2 & level 3 dog training with Tails Up. Margaret & Edna were both very professional in all sessions, always encouraging & supportive & available to help fix any problems along the way. I would be very happy to recommend Tails Up to any dog owner looking for training for their pet.

Jeanie van Eyk, Bowral, April 2017

Learning tools for me to understand to be able to train my dog well and gently was fantastic, I feel it is us who need to know how to train and most importantly be able to understand and read the dog's behaviour, that is the essence of success. 

Thanks to Margaret and Edna for trying to train my mother, Arkie.

Helen Rigney, Bowral, April 2017

This is the first time that I have used Puppy Training classes which led to the Pet Dog Ambassador course for pets.  The skills that both Oscar and I learnt from Margaret & Edna at Tails Up Dog Training are invaluable and result in a dog
that is both confident and happy.  The training covered all areas from social interaction to obedience and I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is bringing a dog into their home.  My sincere thanks to Margaret & Edna for sharing their skills in such a great learning environment.

Jenny Vallance, Burradoo, March 2017


I have been very impressed with the crate training of our cocker spaniel by Margaret & Edna of Tails Up. It has been very successful due to the logical approach and care taken with the dog and owners.

Ric Geminis, Moss Vale, March 2017

I would highly recommend Tails Up!

I have two beautiful kelpie X puppies, Zoe Kay and Tomac. Before enrolling them into Tails Up puppy boot camp, I was at a loss about how to train them in the most basic commands. 

Thanks to the expertise of Margaret and Edna and their understanding and patience, I have gained confidence in my ability to train them. Both Zoe Kay and Tomac love the classes. The training has been extremely beneficial for them!

I’d like to thank Margret and Edna for the extra time and energy they invested in me due to my hearing impairment. They always ensured that I heard and understood what was going on!

Cathy Freckelton

I enrolled my 8 week Golden Retriever, Molly into puppy school and subsequently into the Level One training and was extremely impressed with the extent of the program protocols right from day one.  Margaret started by coming to our home, spoke to us one on one and got to know our home environment and our wonderful, loved pets.  My older dog I got prior to her turning 2yrs, she had just weaned pups and had been badly treated by previous owners. I had taken her to training previously, however after such enjoyable and successful sessions with my puppy, Molly I am now seeking ongoing help from Margaret with my older dog, which is proving to be a great success.  

Margaret & Edna focus on reward based training and are extremely inspiring by the outcomes they have helped us achieve in a positive, nurturing workshop environment for both the dogs and owners.  Though continually ensuring we practiced each skill in different situations and that training is ongoing once we had gained the skills during the sessions.  My dogs and I look forward to the training sessions because they are good fun and reward focused for everyone.  We all have a few laughs and anyone wanting to participate will really enjoy and benefit from the sessions.

Each workshop had approximately 4-6 owners/dogs attending and this allowed for individual attention and also gave our pets/working dogs exposure to other dogs, in a controlled environment.  Margaret and Edna are extremely cognisant about each partnership’s requirements.  If you have any problems or need to discuss any individual needs Margaret and Edna were always extremely eager to help and quite often by sharing this information with the group it helped everyone by extending the groups knowledge.

The information that was given during the workshops was more than training, Margaret & Edna made owners aware of responsible dog ownership, general dog care and legal obligations even to the point of sharing stories that were poignant and thought provoking about whom to leave your dog with if you go on holidays.

Tails Up Dog Training is an excellent training experience, which I would highly recommend to anyone with a dog.  If you are looking to buy a dog you should speak with Margaret and Edna prior to purchase as they are so knowledgeable and the selection of the right dog is extremely important.  Dogs have always been in my family since I was a small child, which was a long time ago!!  However, the professional help that Margaret & Edna have given us with our dogs is invaluable.  In my opinion the training received from Tails Up Dog Training should be sought by anyone dealing with dogs, as it makes people aware of their behaviour around dogs. 

A sincere thank you to Margaret & Edna, we learnt a heap from you and continue to do so thanks to your generosity.  The community is so lucky to have Tails Up Dog Training in the Highlands.  I continuously sing your well-deserved praises.

Margot Menzies, Bundanoon, July 2017

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