About Tails Up


Tails Up – Qualified trainers using the best & latest ways to train dogs.

Hi, I’m Margaret and I co-own and run Tails Up. I am  a force free trainer. My training methods are based on building a positive relationship with your dog because, if you have a good relationship, your dog will be much easier to train.

As a qualified trainer I have:

  • Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. This gives me an in depth understanding of these very important things about dogs: an understanding of how dogs communicate, what motivates them and how to change their behaviour. So I am a qualified trainer.
  • Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science & Technology. Because looks at many of the latest scientific findings and helps me keep up to date with:
    • things that underlie dogs’ behaviour;
    • how to assess problem behaviours in dogs; and
    • how to use positive reinforcement to change bad behaviours into good ones.

So I am  one of the qualified trainers who can work with you to change the way your dog behaves.

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree and a Diploma of Education. Together, these give me a broad knowledge background and help me understand how people learn. So I am  qualified trainer of people.

I am also one of 2 qualified trainers for the  Pet Dog Ambassador program – this is an international certification program for pet dogs and their owners.

My Professional Memberships:

Badge of the Per Professional GuildPet Professional Guild

The Pet Professional Guild is an international association of force free animal trainers and Its motto is No Pain, No Force, No Fear.

This association has a code of ethics that promotes the use of the best, established, scientific training methods.

As a full professional member, I am must keep my qualifications up to date. So, this means continued study of courses that teach the best training methods and are based on good research. 

Association of Pet Dog Trainers

The APDT is an organization for people who want to increase their knowledge of how dogs learn and some of the best ways to relate to and train dogs. It is open to dog trainers and dog owners alike, regardless of qualifications.

It is an organization aimed at educating its members in the latest & most effective training methods. To achieve this the APDT runs an annual conference where national & international experts address members and run workshops to keep its members up to date. 

The Delta Institute

The Delta Institute is an Australian association of trainers who have obtained a training qualification (Certificate IV) that is accredited through the Australian Qualifications Framework. It is a program of the Delta Society Australia and its motto is Do no Harm. 

Like the PPG, it has a code of ethics which its members must follow. It requires its full professional members to continue to update their qualifications. Its practices are based on the latest best practices as established by the science of Behaviourology.

The Association of Animal Behavior Professionals

This is an international organization that acts as a certifying body for professionals working in companion animal management. It covers dog trainers and consultants working in the area of canine behavior modification. Only trainers and other professionals who use positive reinforcement methods and who adhere to the scientific methods of behaviorology are eligible for membership of this association.

I’m Edna Carmichael and I’m the co-owner of Tails Up Dog Training. I am currently a qualified training instructor for Pet Dog Ambassador and am studying