Basic Courses 

Baby Puppy Learn ‘n’ Play Nursery  (this replaces the old Puppy Pre-school. It consists of 2 private consultations & a minimum of 4 puppy play sessions plus 8 formal obedience classes.): $275.00

Big School for Older Puppies (2 private consultations & 8 group sessions): $275.00

Adult Dog Classes (8 group sessions plus 2 private consultations): $275.00

Special Courses

Courses currently available are:

Loose Lead Walking (5 sessions of 30 minutes each.): $90.00

Nose Work (6 sessions of 60 minutes each): $130.00

Come When Called (6 private visits plus step by step instructions of training to be done between visits): $300.00

Tricks for Tricky Dogs ( Come when you can. Single sessions of fun & training in a fully enclosed grassed area): $30.00 for the first session and $15.00 per session after that.. 

Aggressive & reactive dog training. This course is individually tailored to suit your dog’s special needs. Average price is $275.00

Agility for Fun: Another “Come when you can” course. $30.00 for first session (you don’t bring your dog for this), $20 for the second session & $5 per session after that.

Private Consultations

Except as part of a package, we do not do a single consultation in isolation. You must do a package of 2 sessions to start. After that you can choose single consultations. 

Package of the first 2 consultations: $190.00

Subsequent consultations are priced by agreement after the first 2 consultations have been made.

In addition, if you live further than 20 km from Moss Vale Post Shop, we charge a travel fee of:

  • $1.50 per km (each way) for the first 10 km in excess of 20; and
  • $2 per km for each km after this.

This fee applies to both the forward & return journeys. 

Companion Animal Assessment & Training

Initial Assessment: $150.00

Certification: $50.00

Training (if required): $275.00

Conditions of Payment

All fees are to be paid in advance – either in cash at the first consultation or by direct deposit to the Tails Up bank account prior to the first consultation. 

We do not offer per session prices except for

  • Agility & Trick Training;
  • Clients who already have had a package of 2 private consultations and want a further single one; and
  • Clients who have already done a course with us.
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