Payment & Pricing Policy

  1. Initially, all training is sold in packages.
  2. “Sessions” are individual private consultations in the client’s own home as well as group classes or lessons.
  3. After clients have purchased and completed a training package, individual sessions may be purchased.
  4. These individual sessions may only be purchased in negotiation with the chief trainer Margaret Gray.
  5. All training packages must be paid for prior to commencement of training or, if negotiated, at the first session.
  6. Payment may be made in cash or by direct deposit to the bank account of Tails Up Dog Training.

Refund Policy

  1. No refunds will be given for lessons missed or for client decisions to discontinue training, whether or not the training has commenced unless Margaret Gray has notified the client in writing that she, Margaret Gray, is discontinuing training.
  2. Where Margaret Gray notifies a client that training for that client’s dog is to be discontinued for whatever reason, the refund given will not necessarily be for the full amount of the original package. The refund amount will be the full package price minus the value of any equipment with which the client has been supplied minus the value of any sessions that the client has already attended.

Travel Policy

When staff are required to travel to private consultations, a travel fee may be charged. The amount charged will vary from time to time and according to the distance traveled. The current fee will be advertised on the Prices page of this website.