Our Ambassadors


Below are some of the people & their dogs who have worked very hard to achieve their levels. Congratulations to all of them!

Our Level 1 Ambassadors. These dogs were all puppies under 6 months of age when they enrolled in the course.

(Scroll down to see the level 2 dogs & handlers.)

David Hills with Maggie

(David & Maggie are now working on level 2.)

Sue Mcdonald with Tully

(Sue & Tully have since gone on & have completed level 2. They are now progressing to level 3!)

Laura Hill with Wally

Fay with Charlotte

David with George

Rob with Ginger                                  

                                                                  & Leslie with Hazel

Our Level 2 Ambassadors.

These are all young dogs that were over 6 months of age at the time of enrollment in the course

Deidre Neilson

with Pepper. 

Sandy Mackenzie with Bella

Jeanie Van Eyk with Mollie

Sally Gardner with Chester (who is now doing level 3) & Sue Macdonald with Tully