Private Consultations

Private Consultations

3 adult dogs
  • A person who can't leave children or family at night?
  • Someone with irregular working hours who can't commit to regular course hours?
  • Perfectly happy with your dog except for one singlebehaviour you would like to change?

Is your dog fantastic except that:

  • His house training is unreliable?
  • She guards her toys or food or favourite resting spot & growls when you go near?
  • He pulls badly on the lead?
  • She destroys everything in the house?
  • He's a digger or chewer?
  • She refuses to come when called (or not until she's well and truly ready)?
  • He jumps all over you when you get home or jumps up on visitors?
  • Her barking is causing a problem with the neighbours?
Grant Cochrane perplexed         child & dog ackn       chair-wrecker-reduced

She growls or snaps at people?

He is aggressive towards other dogs?

Then Private Consultations in your own home might be a better way of getting the behaviour you want.

[hr] Private Consultations are available for a standard fee anywhere within a 15 km radius of Moss Vale. Outside of this area, an extra fee is charged for travel. (See Prices and Payment Options.) [hr]
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