Our fees

Baby puppy package

Obedience Package

Dog walking

Advanced obedience

How these fees are determined

These courses are made up of 3 components:

  1. A private consultation in your home (cost $160);
  2. A training kit (cost $55); and
  3. A varying number of group lessons. Cost here depends on the number of lessons in the package and the age at which you start your puppy. (If you are enrolling in the Baby Puppy package, the younger your puppy is when you you start, the more training sessions you get and the easier it is for our trainers.)

Baby Puppy and the Basic Obedience packages:

These consist of:

  1. One private consultation. This is a fixed cost of $160;
  2. A training kit: the cost to us is $55 and we include this kit at cost;
  3. Group lessons according to the package:
    1. Baby puppy package: the total cost of your 13 lessons is $170. This works out to just under $12.31 per lesson.
    2. Obedience package. The cost of 7 lessons here is $145, so $20.71 per session.
    3. Walking course: 5 lessons for $175 which is $35 per session.
    4. Advanced Obedience course: 13 sessions for $200 which is $15.40 persession.

This package cannot be split and there are no refunds.

Private consultations

The private consultation package consists of 2 private training sessions and a training kit. Total cost for this is $320. $55 of this is for the training kit and the remaining $265 covers $160 for the first private lesson and $105 for the second private lesson.

Travel Fees

Travel for consultations within 25 km from Moss Vale Post Shop is free. After that, there is a travel fee of $2.00 per km (each way) for each km in excess of this 20 km limit.


Payment in full for all packages is due at the time of the first private consultation where there is one or, in the case of Lead Walking or Advanced Obedience, at the first training session. To ensure that you are enrolling in the course that is the most suitable for you and your dog, please contact us by phone (0447 665 200 or 0411 162 242) to clarify any questions you have about fees, training times, or locations BEFORE FILLING IN YOUR FORM.


We do not refund fees. Before you enroll, please ensure that you are applying for the correct course and that you will be free to attend all classes or other training sessions.

Margaret: 0447 665 200

Edna: 0411 162 242