Payment Methods

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept payment in cash or by direct deposit to our bank account.

Q. When does payment have to be made?

A. Payment is to be made on or before the first session. That is, the first private consultation or the first class session, whichever we do with you first.

Q. Will you accept payment by the week or session?

A. No, all prices are for a package and fees must be paid up front.

Class times and places

Q. When do you run your classes?

A. Baby Puppy and Fun Learning are run on Sundays. Baby puppy is run on weeknights after 6.30 pm. These groups run on days agreed on by the puppy owners. Fun Learning is run on week nights too but runs only from January to April.

Q. Where do you run your courses?

A. Baby puppy is held at Bong Bong Vet Clinic in Bowral. All other courses are run in Moss Vale.

Q. What hours do you do your home visits?

A. We do our home visits on any weekday, by appointment. Latest appointment time is 7.30 pm.

About the Courses

Q. Can I book my 16 week old puppy into Baby Puppy Boot Camp? 

A. This depends on the size of your puppy. The general rule is that Baby Puppy Boot Camp is for pups between 8 and 14 weeks old at the beginning of the course. However, if you have a small or light breed puppy, you can still book into Baby Puppy Boot Camp - provided the puppy's vaccinations are all up to date. The reason small puppies can do this course but big ones can't is that we try to ensure that puppies are always able to play with other puppies of an appropriate size. This is for the safety of all puppies.

Q. What is the difference between the basic & premium courses?

A. Basic courses deal with foundation behaviours - sit, stand, drop, go to bed & touch. In these courses, owners learn the positive, force-free methods of teaching these behaviours and dogs or pups learn to do these behaviours under a variety of different situations. In the premium courses (the Pet Dog Ambassador courses) we take these skills to much higher levels by testing them under more difficult situations and asking for much faster, more accurate responses. We then add extra skills that both dogs and owners have to learn.

Q. Can I bypass the basic level & start at the premium level?

A. No, not unless you have done a basic course with Tails Up. 

Q. But my dog already knows sit, stand, drop & go to bed. Why do I need to have done a course with Tails Up?

A. Force free training is a philosophy as well as a method & we like to be sure you understand and believe in the philosophy. So we need to be certain that you have trained your dog using totally positive reinforcement, force-free training methods and that your dog will do these behaviours under lots of different circumstances & in lots of different places.