Loose Lead Walking Course

Tired of being pulled along by your dog?

Want to be able to enjoy your walk?

 At Tails Up we have an answer for you.

  • No more pulling your arm out of its socket!
  • No more choking on his collar!
  • No more cutting across in front of you!
  • No more darting off to meet a friend or sniff the next post!

What we offer:

  • A 5 week course;
  • A very small class - no more that 4 dog & owner teams;
  • Intensive training in exactly what you need to do;
  • Two fully qualified instructors (i.e. you only have to share your instructor with one other person.)

The Cost?


What you learn: 

to train your dog to trust you.

You do this by training her / him to:

  •  focus on you - even with lots of distractions;
  •  know when it is OK to roam around & sniff & when he has to come to heel;
  •  move automatically between sniffing & coming back to you;
  •  come back to your side, even without having to be called.

Your commitment

You must work with your dog daily for the length of the course.

There are 5 weekly sessions of 30 minutes each. Between sessions, you need to:
  1. STOP taking your dog for her/his usual walks;
  2. Do some simple exercises inside each day for the first week;
  3. Do the same exercises plus one extra one, out side but still in your yard for the second week;
  4. In the third week, move with these exercises to a place outside your yard;
  5. Work, in the fourth week on additional exercises you will learn in class in week 4.
In week 5 you will learn the final steps. From here on you need to practise daily to keep your dog walking nicely on a loose lead for the rest of her/his life.

It demands dedication on your part!

But it is easy and it really works.

In the end what you get is:

 A dog who has become the walking companion you really want!


Bella, my 12-month old German Shepherd, and I, have just completed a training course with Margaret and Edna.  I really enjoyed the classes and the teaching methods.  It was wonderful how Margaret mixed small classes with home visits.  Bella’s behaviour has improved and now we can street walk without any pulling, which is a great relief for me.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tails up Dog Training. Sandy McKenzie, Bundanoon

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