Photo of an adult dog lying on a lounge

Juvenile & Adult Dog Classes

It's never too late to teach your old dog new tricks

So why not Get Started Now?

Old behaviours can be changed and new ones can be learned.

Basic program for dogs 10 months & older.

Classes in these age groups have no more than 4 dog & owner teams per instructor.

Most classes are organized according to need rather than age. 

These classes are for you if:

  • Your overactive adolescent is driving you crazy;
  • You have a newly adopted dog and are unsure of how to handle her behaviour; or
  • You would just like a refresher course for you & your dog.

What You get:

a private consultation, in your own home:

      • individual attention tailored to your own situation.

      • Find out why your puppy's behaviour is changing & how to handle this.

      • Begin work on getting your older puppy to focus on you and come to you when you call.

      • Learn clever ways to stop any naughty behaviours your pup has started.

a private consultation at Tails Up in Moss Vale:

help check your pup's progress

      • correct any errors that older puppies start to develop

8 group sessions where you learn and practise:

      • How to get your puppy to walk nicely on a loose lead;

      • How to get him obey you at all times & in all places when you ask;

      • Safe street walking, where your pup greets people & other dogs politely;

      • go to her bed & stay (when you ask);

      • How to stop older puppies jumping on people and barking excessively;

      • Come when called;

      • door & gate manners for older puppies who like to rush out ahead of you;

      • Special training methods to help you teach other things you want to teach.

The Cost:

A total of $275 for the 8 training sessions & 2 private consultations. That's less than $12 per training session!

To enroll your dog in this course, fill out the form below and click the submit button. One of our team will be in touch with you within 3 business days to book your first private consultation.