Fun Learning

Fun Learning through Play = 

a happy dog!

. . . and a happy dog is a calmer, better behaved dog

What is in the course:

How to teach tricks:

  • 4 different techniques you can use;

  • how to train without words;

  • how to break a trick down into smaller parts to make it easier to train or learn;

  • how to teach your dog a chain of tricks ( e.g. crawl, twist & bow - all on a single word or signal).

You will train 5 of these tricks (the choice depends on your dog):

  • Take a Bow;

  • Roll over;

  • Crawl;

  • Shake hands;

  • Find the 'baddie';

  • Go on a message;

  • Play dead;

  • Rewind;

  • Say cheese;

  • Left shake, right shake;

  • Salute;

  • Weave between your legs.

So, how does fun learning help your dog?

It exercises her/his mind:

  • your dog has to concentrate on you & your cues;

  • s/he has to remember;

  • s/he has to do new things.

These mental activities help sharpen & tire your dog's mind  so s/he has less time & energy for nuisance behaviours.

It involves some physical exercise:

It gives her/him a sense of satisfaction:

The Cost:

$30 for the first lesson, then $10 per session after that.