Baby puppy

        Puppies - They melt your heart!

... and they eat your feet,  your clothes and your house!

So get to Baby Puppy Learn 'n' Play Nursery!

What is

Baby Puppy Learn 'n' Play Nursery?

It's the course tailored especially for you & your baby puppy

It includes:

a private consultation in your own home:

  • learn the best way to stop usual puppy problems like nipping, toileting inside, and the "zoomies" (night time madness);
  • ask questions about diet, grooming etc;
  • learn the fastest & kindest way to train your puppy to sit, stand & drop;
  • ask all the questions you want about puppies & puppy training;

    a second private consultation in Moss Vale 

  • so you can ask questions that you have thought of more recently

    minimum of 4 Group sessions to:

  • watch puppies play and learn what their body language is saying;
  • practice all the things you have learnt in your private consultations;
  • learn about a special technique you can use to calm your puppy; and
  • learn how to handle you puppy to get her ready for vet inspections and grooming.

an 8 week obedience course to help you train your pup to:

  • come when called;
  • walk nicely on a loose lead and come to your side immediately when called;
  • greet other dogs politely when you are on a walk;
  • greet people politely at all times;
  • remain at doors & gates until invited to go through with you;
  • focus on you when asked;
  • be well mannered in the car & when getting into & out of it;
  • remain on their mat or bed until released;
  • leave interesting objects  (including food) when asked;and
  • any special skills you would like your dog to have.

Why enrol your puppy with us?

  • the private, individual attention you don't get at ordinary puppy pre-school;
  • you can start earlier to give your pup the very best chance at becoming a happy, well-adjusted dog ( start when your puppy is as young as 8 weeks);
  • you can ask questions you might not like to ask in group classes;
  • play session times are flexible; we try to run them at times to suit you;
  • your puppy gets an opportunity to meet and play with puppies that are different from his litter mates. This helps build his confidence & makes him a happier more secure dog;
  • you can continue straight on to obedience training at a hugely discounted rate.

The cost:

The total cost for the 2 private consultations + a minimum of 4 group sessions plus an 8 week obedience course is only $275.00!

Enroll your baby puppy in Nursery School by filling in the form below.

Someone will contact you within 3 business days to arrange your first private consultation


Margaret and Edna are wonderful teachers and helped my partner and I train our Cavoodle puppy Wally. I am a first dog owner and the assistance that Tails Up Dog Training provided really helped with settling Wally into our home. The ambassador puppy program was a fantastic course to participate in and gave us the skills to be responsible pet owners. I would highly recommend any program offered. Laura Hill, Moss Vale


This is the first time that I have used Puppy Training classes which led to the Pet Dog Ambassador course for pets.  The skills that both Oscar and I learnt from Margaret & Edna at Tails Up Dog Training are invaluable and result in a dog that is both confident and happy.  The training covered all areas from social interaction to obedience and I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is bringing a dog into their home.  My sincere thanks to Margaret & Edna for sharing their skills in such a great learning environment. Jenny Vallance, Burradoo