Let’s Make a Plan

Reasons To Get a Puppy.

Come on… who needs a reason?


Things to Know Before You Get That Puppy.

It’s going to be cute – really cute. It’s going to make messes on the carpet, it’s going to be unsettled at night, it’s going to use furniture, people, and the TV remote to cut its tiny teeth on. (It’s tiny teeth will be needle-sharp.) It’s going to need feeding and grooming and vets – and it’s going to zoom like an unguided missile and not care the tiniest bit about breakage and spillage. And that’ll all be (mostly) okay because this little whirlwind-pup is exactly what you signed up for.

Wrong choice?

Unless it isn’t. All puppies are cute, but dogs grow to their breeding, and breed-traits, unlike puppy-teeth, don’t just disappear.

Good Dog!

Usually a good dog is a dog who fits in with our lifestyle. Small dog, big dog, walking dog, working dog, herder, cuddler, adventurer – the breed that most suits your day-to-day life is the breed that will give you a good dog. Care, training and patience will take it from there.

Good Breeder!

As well as breed though, puppies are a product of their parents – so meet the breeders. Ask to visit their premises – if they’re good breeders they’ll be happy to let you – they’ll want to be sure their pup is going to a good home. Talk to them about how to make the transition from their place to your place as smooth as possible – and meet their other dogs. Listen to your instincts.

Good Rescue!





Our courses

Advanced obedience

Train your dog to obey you from a distance: remain in one place while you leave them for a time; do an emergency stop; leave dangerous objects even if you are not with them; go left or right as instructed. And that's just the beginning

Dog walking

This course shows you the difference between your walk and your dog's walk. Train your dog to walk nicely by your side, sit beside you when you stop to talk to people you meet and walk calmly past other dogs. Learn how to walk your dog on a long lead so they can do their necessary sniffing.

Obedience Package

This course trains you to train your dog to behve as you want them to - at home and in public. It covers good manners around people & other dogs, coming when you call, house manners, walking on lead without pulling and how to prevent unwanted behaviours like barking, digging, etc.

Baby puppy package

Socialisation is about helping your pup grow up to be a well adjusted dog who is confident and happy with people & other dogs in a large variety of situations. The optimum time to begin is 8 weeks of age. After you 6 weeks of socialisation classes, you continue socialisation privately, and move on to your 7 week General Obedience course.

Private training

Private training

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