Toilet Train your Puppy

The beginning of toilet training Toilet training a puppy is first done by its mother. When they're very young, puppies can't open their bowels of their own accord, so the mother licks them around the tail and anal area to stimulate their bowel. She also cleans up after them. So, right from the start, a puppy learns that it needs to keep its 'nest' clean. This is an instinct that[...]


Dogs Sniff! That's it - they sniff everything. You, your visitors, the floor, the ground, the furniture. They sniff posts when they are out, they sniff piles of poo left behind by Irresponsible owners and they sniff things that are seemingly invisible! And it's no wonder - they have the most powerful noses!  By comparison with the nose of a dog, our noses are quite useless. Dogs have many more[...]

no pain, no force, no fear

No Pain, No Force, No Fear No pain, no force, no fear: what's wrong with pain, force & fear?  Well, most of us get a dog because we like dogs. We get one because we want a companion - a friend -  for ourselves or for our children or whole family. In a short space of time, dog lovers realize that their pup is more than a companion. A dog[...]

New Puppy

New Puppy means ..... lots of loveloads of kissessnuggly & cuddly times....trouble is- new puppy also means   bitten ankles,   torn clothes,   stolen socks, TV remotes, shoes .....   scratched legs, hands & arms,   damaged furniture legs,   wees & poos on the floor,   crying & barking at night,   crazy morning & evening behaviour. BUT - help is on the way! Build a fantastic relationship with your new puppy by: Showing her that[...]