Agility for Fun

What is Agility?

Agility is an activity that dogs & owners can enjoy together.

Tails Up's agility is not aimed at preparing dogs for competition but simply for enjoyment & relationship building. However, those wanting to go on to compete will find it easier after taking part in our activities.

Agility for Fun is a dog & owner team activity where you both learn together. It provides both you & your dog with challenging mental & physical tasks. For dogs, mental work is as tiring as physical work. So, if you have a dog who needs more walks than you can take him on, this might be just the thing for your dog.

Agility involves directing your dog, using hand signals, to go through tunnels, up & down ramps, over balance beams and under various obstacles.

Dogs over 12 months of age also go over high jumps & through hoops or rings.

How Tails Up's agility works:

During summer, we have 2 sessions per week. At the moment these are on Thursday & Sunday evenings.

When you enroll, you attend a session without your dog, to learn how to give signals to your dog. Then you can attend as many sessions as you like.

What is the cost?

The first session that you come to without your dog is $30.00

The following session (the first one with your dog) is $20.00

Each session after that is $5.00, paid on arrival.

To Enroll in Agility for Fun, fill in the form below.