Aggressive Dog

Aggressive Dog

Having an aggressive dog that barks & lunges at other dogs or at people while on lead, makes walking that dog a very unpleasant experience.

Aggression in dogs has a variety of causes but, regardless of the cause, there are safe & kind methods that can help many of these dogs. There are, of course, many that cannot be helped and euthanasia is the kindest option.

However, for those dogs that can be helped, the changes make a huge difference to their life and to your life as well.

Margaret from Tails Up has a Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science & uses several different methods to help an aggressive dog. Some dogs can be helped directly with Margaret's methods. In other cases, she will refer the dog and owner to a specialist Veterinary Behaviourist. The vet behaviourist will, most often, prescribe a calming drug and Margaret will then work in conjunction with this specialist.

All methods used are based on positive reinforcement and are designed to change the dog's state of mind. - If the aggression is based on fear of other dogs, the objective will be to take away the fear. In many cases, the aggression is caused by the type of equipment you use. In others, it is based on past experiences. In rare cases there might be a chemical imbalance in the brain. These cases definitely need the intervention of a vet behaviourist.

Take a look at the videos below to see some of the dogs we have helped or are helping.

Cassie is still a work in progress. However, she is responding to her handler and only occasionally now does she have an outburst.
At 9 months of age, Chloe was a rescue dog. It was  impossible to walk her. She was so stressed at seeing other dogs that she wouldn't even take food. She's still not perfect but has come a long, long way!

This is Ajax. Three months ago, his owner coundn't walk him because every time he saw another dog, he barked, snapped & lunged at the dog. His owner couldn't hold him and had to walk only when she had someont to help hold him.