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Positive reinforcement training in the Southern Highlands

At Tails Up Dog Training we believe that dogs can and should be trained without any pain, force or fear.

Not only do we believe this – we know that evidence backs this up. Dogs trained with reinforcement rather than punishment turn out to be calmer, happier and more willing to do what we want than dogs trained using other methods.

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Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes Our training: We have 3 packages for puppies. They are: 1. Socialisation; 2. Socialisation + Obedience;

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What our clients are saying about us

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What our clients are saying about us

Karen, Dean & Lola
Karen, Dean & Lola
Braemar 2023
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I found the trainers and team very friendly. They showed great insight into my dog’s specific training needs. Tails Up provided excellent resources that I can continue to refer to for my dog’s future training.
Jacky Siren & Juzzi
Jacky Siren & JuzziBundanoon 2023
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Edna was an excellent teacher giving clear instructions tailored to each dog's individual needs and behaviours. Group classes were fun and progressed at a good pace. Edna obviously loves dogs.
Margaret Burton & Daisy
Margaret Burton & DaisyBowral,2023
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Tails Up has been a godsend! Daisy is a very active Cavoodle and my husband and I thought we would never be able to train her. Edna has been so patient with 'Crazy Daisy'. The skills are achievable and with practice Daisy is becoming a social, well behaved puppy. Edna has also patiently trained me to a much better puppy owner.
Anni B & Dotti
Anni B & DottiExeter 2023
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The course was excellent.Both my dog and i have learnt so much and intend to keep working on everything that we have learnt from Tails Up.
Aly and Scout
Aly and ScoutBowral 2023
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Clear and effective training. Extremely satisfied with the Tails Up team and their expertise. We will recommend to family and friends. Thank you Margaret and Edna
Karen & Rosie
Karen & RosieMoss Vale 2023
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We learnt everything relevant to having a social dog with lifelong skills (for both of us). Our family can take care Rosie out knowing she will be well behaved and what to do if things go awry..
Robin, Con & Rosie
Robin, Con & RosieEast Bowral 2023
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Highly recommended! Edna and Margaret are excellent at training us and our dog with simple techniques. Our puppy went from puppy classes to Obedience with Tails Up and they were so helpful and took care to ensure we understood each stage. The training has set us up well to ensure we have a happy well behaved dog.
Karen T & Archie
Karen T & ArchiePenrose 2023
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Archie is a rescue dog who had no training at all. He is much calmer now and responds to quite a few commands. He is still a bit ‘crazy’ as he is only a one year old kelpie cross but we are getting there.
Kaitlyn C & Ned
Kaitlyn C & NedColo Vale
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Tails Up is a fantastic program which has helped educate me and my dog on what is right and wrong when training. I would recommend this program and it has improved my own dog knowledge.
Debra, Ben & Cody
Debra, Ben & CodyBundanoon 2023
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Although progress was slow our rescue dog had we not gone to tails up Cody would not have settled so well. The little achievements were so rewarding and valuable. The trainer's patience and understanding helped us as pet owners. The little tips and personal service was worth the effort. I would recommend Tails Up to everyone.
Tania, Bruce and Daisy
Tania, Bruce and DaisyBowral, 2023
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Calm and consistent instruction. We have really valued the approach with clear commands for training.
Nicole H & Poppy
Nicole H & PoppyMoss Vale 2023
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Poppy improved greatly over our time with Tails Up. Two years of poor behaviour had to be ad and now taking her on walks is so much better.dressed
Nicole, Steve & Cosmo
Nicole, Steve & CosmoColo Vale
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The skills learnt in the course were very valuable. Cosmo was always too excited around dogs yet at home quiet. He has improved incredibly over the course. Skills like leave it, stay touch and focus have been invaluable.
Alecia & Lolli
Alecia & LolliMoss Vale
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We has a great experience and fun time with Edna during obedience classes. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow and implement with great success.
Daniel R & Midas
Daniel R & MidasRobertson
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Edna and Margaret, the Tails Up team, have a wealth of knowledge. The course and training were incredibly helpful. Thankyou kindly, Jennifer and Daniel.