No pain, no force, no fear

Positive Reinforcement dog training in the Southern Highlands

Our Services

Baby puppy package

Socialisation is about helping your pup grow up to be a well adjusted dog who is confident and happy with people & other dogs in a large variety of situations. The optimum time to begin is 8 weeks of age. After you 6 weeks of socialisation classes, you continue socialisation privately, and move on to your 7 week General Obedience course.

Obedience Package

This course trains you to train your dog to behve as you want them to - at home and in public. It covers good manners around people & other dogs, coming when you call, house manners, walking on lead without pulling and how to prevent unwanted behaviours like barking, digging, etc.

Dog walking

This course shows you the difference between your walk and your dog's walk. Train your dog to walk nicely by your side, sit beside you when you stop to talk to people you meet and walk calmly past other dogs. Learn how to walk your dog on a long lead so they can do their necessary sniffing.

Advanced obedience

Train your dog to obey you from a distance: remain in one place while you leave them for a time; do an emergency stop; leave dangerous objects even if you are not with them; go left or right as instructed. And that's just the beginning

Help Topics

Jumping Up

Dogs who sit politely while they are waiting to be patted are dogs that everyone likes. Your friends also like the owners of these dogs better too. So, ho do you train your dog to sit instead of jumping up?

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Classical conditioning

You get your car keys – your dog gets excited (or sad) as the case may be. That is the result of classical conditioning. It happens without our even thinking about it. But if we plan for it, we can use it to our advantage! Find out how.

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Reactive dogs

Dogs that snap, growl and lunge (especially when on lead) are usually not vicious. They are usually anxious or frightened. If you have one of these dogs, you can help them.

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Choosing a new puppy

A new puppy is one of the most wonderful things in the world. But puppies grow up and the kind of dog they become depends a lot on how you chose your puppy in the first place.

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No Pain

It’s far easier to train a dog who feels confident that you will protect them, care for them well and provide fun and exercise. This means: inflict no pain, no force and no fear. There are easier and more successful ways to train a dog.

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What our clients say

We learnt so much with Edna and Tails Up. Her knowledge is exceptional and she is fantastic with both the owners and the dogs. We totally recommend the program to all dog owners. Edna’s great sense of humour really makes the classes good fun.

Denise & John Wright

Kangaroo Valley 2024
Tails Up provided quality training services with tailor made solutions for our Maremma. They provided home visits, video and excellent assessment criteria to help train. In just 9 weeks our dog is responding well and enjoying interactions and mental stimulation.

Tamara Fenelon

Bundanoon, 2024
Invaluable resource. Edna is such a kind and caring person. Chloe loves coming to class. Edna always followed up with any extra issues we faced. My new knowledge makes me a much better trainer. We will miss seeing Edna and all the other fur babies we have met.

Jiselle Mortensen

Colo Vale, 2024

Margaret: 0447 665 200

Edna: 0411 162 242